What Kind of Steel Pipes Does TUSPIPE Produce?

With the development and progress of society, ERW pipe is now widely used in many industries. When storing ERW pipe, mastering the correct storage method can extend its service life. So the next straight seam welded pipe manufacturers to say more specifically about it.

1. First of all, the requirements of the storage site and the storage of longitudinal welded pipes must be met. The site must have clean, smooth drainage and must be away from harmful gases or dust.

2. Pay attention to the absence of acid, alkali, salt, cement, and other corrosive places.

3. When storing, note that different types of steel should be stacked separately to avoid confusion and contact corrosion.

4. If the storage location is a warehouse, you also need to pay attention to ventilation on sunny days, close the doors on rainy days to prevent moisture, and always maintain a suitable storage environment.

5. The warehouse should also be selected according to the actual geographical conditions, generally using an ordinary closed warehouse: a roof, walls, doors and windows, and ventilation devices.

Tianjin United Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. (TUSPIPE) is a high-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing high-frequency welded pipes, integrating R & D, production, and service. The main products of the company are oil and gas open using casing, oil pipe, pipeline pipe, cut seam pipe, fire pipe, compressor pipe, roller pipe, solar tracker torque pipe, heat exchanger pipe, pile pipe, structural pipe, etc. The annual capacity of the equipment is 500,000 tons.


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