ASTM A135 is an American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard of ERW steel pipe for conveying gas, vapor, water, or other liquid, it is also commonly used in fire-protection applications. ASTM A135 steel pipe is a common type of pipe material that is used in a variety of applications. The A135 pipe is manufactured from flat-rolled steel one by one in individual lengths or continuous lengths by resistance welding or induction welding without extra extraneous materials. The weld seam of ERW pipe to Grade B pipe shall be heat treated after welding or processed in such a manner that no untempered martensite remains. Tensile and chemical requirements of the steel are provided. Specimens of the steel pipes are subject to flattening tests and hydrostatic tests. A nondestructive electric test, either electromagnetic (eddy current) or ultrasonic test, may be preferred as an alternative to the hydrostatic test.

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With over 500,000 tons annual production capacity, the company serves various fields and industries, such as oil & gas exploitation and transmission, ship & auto-building, water & electricity, environmental protection, mechanical engineering, infrastructure construction and etc.

TUSPIPE places a premium on product quality and rigorous product quality control. In order to maintain good product quality,  the company has established a Test & Inspection Center since 2004. With a series of state-of-the-art tests and inspection equipment, the test & inspection center is able to perform the tensile tests, hydro tests, impact tests, DWTT, etc.

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Steel Grades of ASTM A135 Sprinkler Pipes

ASTM A135 is an important standard for electric-resistance-welded steel pipe. The standard covers two grades of pipe (Grade A & Grade B) that are intended for conveying gas, vapor, water, or other liquid. The most important aspect of the standard is the requirement that the weld seam of Grade B pipe be heat treated after welding or processed in such a manner that no untempered martensite remains. This requirement is critical to ensuring the strength and durability of the pipe. ASTM A135 is just one of many standards that companies must adhere to in order to produce high-quality pipes that will meet the needs of their customers.

Dimensions and Sizes of ASTM A135 Sprinkler Pipes

A comprehensive listing of ASTM A135 standardized pipe dimensions is contained in ASME B36.10M. ASTM A135 is a Standard Specification for Electric-Resistance-Welded Steel Pipe. It covers two grades of ERW steel pipe in sizes NPS 2 to 30, with nominal (average) wall thickness up to 12.7mm, inclusive, and in nominal sizes NPS 3/4 to 5 with a nominal (average) wall thickness of 2.11mm to 3.40mm, depending on size. This specification covers electric-resistance-welded pipes that are suitable for flanging, bending, and other similar forming operations, and for welding. The electrical resistance of the weld is calculated by dividing the arc length by the cross-sectional area. 

N.D.O.D.SCH 10SCH 30/40

Chemical Composition of ASTM A135 Pipe

Steel GradesCarbon maxManganesePhosphorousSulfur
Grade A0.250.950.0350.035
Grade B0.31.20.0350.035

Mechanical Properties of ASTM A135 Pipes

ASTM A135Grade AGrade B
Tensile Strength,
min, ksi [MPa]
Yield Strength,
min, ksi [MPa]
min, %

The Purpose of Painting ASTM A135 Fire Pipes in Red

One of the most important parts of a fire safety system is the fire sprinkler. Fire sprinklers are designed to provide water to suppress or extinguish a fire. They are usually located on the roof or the top floors of a building, and the pipes that carry the water are typically painted red so that they are easily visible in the event of a fire. Fire sprinklers are usually activated by heat, and the water is discharged through sprinkler heads that are located throughout the building. In most cases, only the sprinklers closest to the fire will activate, which minimizes water damage. Fire sprinklers are an essential part of any fire safety system, and their use can help to save lives and property.

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