Steel Black Gas Pipe For Natural/Manufacturers Chart

Black gas pipe adopts steel smelting technology, because of its high strength, corrosion resistance, easy processing and other characteristics, has gradually become the preferred material for gas pipeline system.

The transportation distance of gas is long, easy to corrosion, easy to leak, and the pressure capacity of pipe is high. Black gas steel pipes are mostly made of high-strength, low-alloy steel, which meets these performance requirements and ensures the safety and efficiency of gas transmission.

Black Gas Pipe-Natural Gas Underground

How To Use Black Gas Pipe For Natural

The use of black natural gas steel pipes requires the following steps.

  • Regular inspection: Develop a regular inspection system to discover and deal with potential safety hazards along the pipeline in a timely manner.
  • Monitor the pressure and flow in the pipeline: Use instruments such as pressure gauges and flowmeters to check changes in pressure and flow to ensure stable operation.
  • Temperature and humidity control: Set temperature and humidity monitoring points along the pipeline to strictly control the temperature and humidity under extreme weather conditions.
  • Avoid external damage: Increase the safety warning and protection measures to avoid construction, excavation and other external activities to damage the pipeline.

How Can I Install Black Gas Pipe For Natural

The installation of a black steel gas pipeline is a delicate and complex process. Perform operations strictly according to the process and rules.

Among them, mainly includes these several key steps.

  • Pre-construction preparation, including material selection, drawing design, construction site layout, etc.
  • Pre-treatment of pipeline cutting, beveling, welding, etc.
  • Excavate the pipe trench and carry out the basic treatment of pipe laying.
  • Lay pipes and weld them to ensure the strength and tightness of the welds.
  • Zinc coating and other anticorrosive surface treatment.
  • Perform pressure test, air tightness test, etc., to ensure pipeline quality and performance.
black gas pipe

Black Gas Pipe-Steel Manufacturers

Black Gas Pipe Suppliers Chart

Choosing a reliable black gas pipeline supplier has a direct impact on the safe and stable operation of the pipeline system.

Tuspipe provides you with a list of excellent black gas pipe manufacturers and suppliers.

Company Name


Main Products


Certifications & Standards

Anhui Haojia Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.


HDPE Gas Pipes, SDR11 PE Pipes



China Zhonghai Steel Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


A106 Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes, API 5L Black Steel Pipes

Carbon Steel


Beijing Tianhe New Material Pipeline Technology Co., Ltd.


HDPE Seawater Desalination Gas Pipes



Shandong Xinghuasheng Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.


Galvanized Steel Pipes, Q235B Black Square Pipes

Galvanized Steel, Q235B


Hypothetical International Steel Pipe Supplier


API 5L X65 Seamless Steel Pipes

Alloy Steel


How To Select Black Gas Pipe Steel Pipe Factories

When choosing a black gas pipeline supplier, it should be comprehensively considered from a variety of factors such as product quality, supply capacity, cost price and after-sales service.

Whether the supplier’s pipeline products are manufactured in strict accordance with international standards and industry standards, and whether the quality performance has passed a variety of tests. Production capacity and delivery cycle, can deliver products on time, provide professional services.

Enterprises should make wise choices according to their own needs and actual conditions.

Black Gas Pipe Conclusion

Black Gas pipes play an important role in the industrial sector. With the continuous expansion of new technologies and application scenarios, Black Gas Pipe also needs to carry out technological innovation and upgrading to meet the needs of the industrial and energy market and promote the development of the industry.


1. What is the difference between black iron pipe and galvanized pipe

The surface of the black iron pipe is not galvanized, which is mainly used for general industrial and building structures in dry environments.

The surface of the galvanized pipe has a layer of galvanized metal, which has good corrosion resistance and is suitable for wet environment and water pipe system.

See the main differences in the links below.

1/4-3 1/2 Black Iron Pipe & Fittings Vs Galvanized Pipe

2. Why can't galvanized pipe be used for gas

Galvanized pipes release toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, at high temperatures. Moreover, the galvanized layer produced by the previous manufacturing process is easy to fall off, resulting in corrosion.

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Pipeline Transport In Oil And Gas/ Advantages/ Disadvantages

Pipeline transport is a special way of transporting gas, liquid and energy over long distances. It became the key link between production and market. For example, in the transportation of important energy and materials such as oil and gas, it can be efficiently and safely transported from deep underground to every corner of people’s lives.

Pipeline Transport Companies/News/Market/List

Pipeline Transport In Oil And Gas Companies Chart

Pipeline transportation, as a safe and efficient mode of transportation, has become the core link between the oil and gas resources and the consumer market.

The world’s top pipeline companies are an integral part of the oil and gas pipeline network as they continue to improve efficiency, safety and sustainability.

Company NameYear EstablishedPrimary BusinessPipeline TypesMarket EffectPipeline Length (km)Technological Features and Innovations
Kinder Morgan1997Oil and Natural Gas TransportOil pipelines, Gas pipelinesUSA, CanadaOver 84,000Advanced monitoring systems, Leak detection technologies
Gazprom1989Natural Gas TransportGas pipelinesRussia, EuropeOver 170,000Ultra-high capacity pipelines, Underwater construction capabilities
TransCanada (TC Energy)1951Oil and Natural Gas TransportOil pipelines, Gas pipelinesCanada, USAOver 93,000Sustainable pipeline practices, Remote operation technologies
Enbridge1949Oil and Natural Gas TransportOil pipelines, Gas pipelinesCanada, USAOver 27,500Smart grid technology, Renewable energy integration

Pipeline Transport Industry Trends/News

With the continuous progress of modern science and technology and the constant change of the market. Relevant state departments have introduced a series of policy support and legal improvement measures. Pipeline transportation companies are also making technological innovations and upgrading equipment.

For example, Hebei Huayang Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. distributed 5,900 tons of L360N steel pipe to the Alxa Tamu project in Inner Mongolia, which has a total budget of about 23 billion yuan and is expected to be built in two phases. The goal of the project is to use advanced pipeline technology to produce and sell soda ash and baking soda on a large scale. This example not only reveals the breadth of pipeline transportation technology in the chemical industry, but also reflects the advanced technical capabilities of pipeline transportation companies in material selection, production processes, and quality control.

pipeline transport

Pipeline Transport Advantages And Disadvantages

Pipeline Transport Advantages

Pipeline transportation This special mode of transportation has many unique advantages. So that it can be widely used in chemical, energy and water resources and other fields.

  • Efficiency and continuity
  • Safety and environmental protection
  • Economy and energy saving
  • Small footprint and strong adaptability
  • High degree of automation

Pipeline Transport Disadvantages

Everything has two sides, and pipeline transportation also has some disadvantages.

  • The initial investment is relatively large
  • It is easily affected by natural environmental conditions
  • High dependence on piping system
  • Transport routes are relatively fixed and difficult to change
  • There are limitations on the type of goods to be transported

Pipeline Transport Conclusion

In the future, pipeline transportation will usher in a broader market and application prospects, and will be more efficient, safe, environmentally friendly and intelligent. It will continue to play an important role in global economic and social development.


1. What are the three types of pipelines

Pipeline transportation systems can generally be divided into the following types.

Liquid Pipeline Systems. Used to transport liquids. For example, crude oil, petroleum products, natural gas liquids, and other chemical liquids.

Gas Pipeline Systems. Gas pipeline systems. For example, natural gas, industrial gases.

Slurry Pipeline Systems. For the transport of liquid and solid mixtures. For example, slurry.

2. How deep are oil pipelines buried

Generally speaking, the depth of oil pipeline burial needs to be designed from many factors such as the terrain where the oil pipeline is buried, environmental regulations and the specific design of the pipeline.

Typically, oil pipelines are buried at a depth of 3 to 4 feet (about 1 to 1.2 meters). Maybe even deeper. This depends on a number of factors.

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Steel Pipe Seamless Definition/Application/ Property/Production Process

Seamless steel pipe and ERW steel pipe are both key industrial material in the field of industrial manufacturing. At the same time, the seamless definition of steel pipe is also a very critical issue.

The special seamless characteristics of seamless steel pipes are not only a simple term, but also the product of the integration of production processes, counting principles and performance characteristics in the field of steel pipes.

Seamless steel pipe includes ASTM A106, ASTM A53, API 5L, API 5CT, STM A179/ASTM A789/ASTM A333, ASTM A192, ASTM A210, ASTM A213, ASTM A312, ASTM A106, ASTM A53, API 5CT DN17175/EN10216 /DIN1629 and other standards.

Steel Pipe Seamless Definition/Property/ Application Fields

Seamless Definition-Seamless Steel Pipe Property/Advantages

Seamless steel pipe is a kind of steel pipe with hollow section and no weld around it.

There are a variety of seamless steel pipe raw materials, of which carbon steel seamless pipe, alloy seamless pipe and stainless steel pipe are the most common. Different materials of steel pipes have different properties.

After a series of strict manufacturing process means, the seamless steel pipe has high temperature and pressure resistance, high hardness, high toughness, good corrosion resistance and other properties.

Seamless Definition-Seamless Steel Pipe Application Field

The excellent performance of seamless steel pipe makes it widely used in many fields.

  • Energy industry: Because of its high temperature and high pressure resistance, seamless steel pipe is the main material for energy transmission pipelines such as oil and natural gas. Seamless steel pipes can withstand extremely high internal pressure and complex geological conditions to ensure the safe and stable transmission of energy.
  • Chemical industry: Stainless steel pipes can operate stably in corrosive media such as strong acids. The superalloy seamless steel pipe ensures the stability of high temperature equipment such as heat exchangers and reactors.
  • Machinery manufacturing industry: Due to the high precision and high strength characteristics of seamless steel pipes, they are often used in automobile manufacturing and machine tool manufacturing.
seamless definition

Seamless Definition-Steel Pipe Production Process

Seamless Definition-Carbon Steel Tube Hot Piercing

Thermal perforation technology is to soften metal materials under high temperature conditions, apply high pressure and impact force through mechanical devices, accurately perforate the material, and control the outer diameter and wall thickness of seamless steel pipes. Followed by rolling and shaping, cooling and heat treatment.

The thermal perforation technology ensures the smoothness and accuracy of the inner and outer surfaces of the pipe.

Seamless Definition-Seamless Pipe Hot Rolling

Hot rolling technology feeds the billet into a heating furnace for preheating, and the rolling temperature is usually between 900°C and 1300°C. Then the heated billet is sent to the rolling mill. Through the action of rolling, the metal billet is continuously plastic deformed on the roller table, and finally becomes the required plate, profile or pipe. Through cooling treatment and cutting, straightening, edging and other finishing treatment, so that it can meet customer needs.

Steel Tubing Seamless Definition Conclusion

Seamless steel pipe has played an irreplaceable role in the modern industrial field. In the future, the production technology and application fields of seamless steel pipes will continue to expand and improve, and make greater contributions to the progress and development of human society.


1. What is the difference between seamless and welded pipes

The tensile strength of seamless steel pipes can reach about 500 MPa to 1000 MPa. More suitable for high temperature and high pressure environmental conditions.

The tensile strength of welded steel pipes is 250 MPa to 600 MPa. But it costs less.

The suitable pipe can be selected by comparison of application conditions, economy, and performance.

2. Is Schedule 40 pipe seamless

Sch40 steel pipe is a standard for seamless steel pipes. It is a standard developed by ASTM for identifying the thickness and pressure resistance of pipelines, which ensures the safety and reliability of pipelines in specific applications.

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Cast Iron Pipe And Fittings Sizes/Dimensions/Company Chart

Cast iron pipe because of its excellent corrosion resistance, high strength and high hardness mechanical properties and good sealing and maintainability.

It is widely used in construction, water conservancy, transportation and other fields.

The pipe fitting is an important component used in the pipe system to connect, branch, turn or change the direction of the pipe.

Cast Iron Pipe And Fittings Sizes/How To Cut

3-48 Inch Cast Iron Pipe Definition And Dimensions

Cast iron pipes are made by casting process, including gray cast iron pipes, ductile cast iron pipes and continuous cast iron tubes.

On the other hand, cast iron tube sizes are diverse to meet the needs of different projects.

Nominal Pipe Size: 3inch-48inch

125 PSI Cast Iron Outside: 3.96inch-51.40inch   inside: 3.06inch-47.98inch

175 PSI Cast Iron Outside: 3.96inch-51.98inch   inside: 3.00inch-48.06inch

How To Cut Cast Iron Pipes

It becomes particularly important to cut cast iron tubes correctly and safely.

  • First, you need to prepare cutting tools and materials.
  • Determine the cutting position and fix the pipe to the operating table with a clamp or bracket.
  • Use a pipe cutter or Angle grinder, cold cutting saw, etc., wear protective equipment, and follow the operating instructions for safe cutting.
  • Turn off the machine or saw when the cutting wheel or saw blade has fully penetrated the pipe. Use a hammer to gently tap the cutting edge to separate it completely.
iron pipe

American Cast Iron Pipe Company

American Cast Iron Pipe Company Chart

Tuspipe provides you with a table that summarizes the cast iron tube companies in the United States. These companies with high-quality cast iron tubes, ductile iron tubes and accessories and other products, excellent service and broad market scope, in the industry to win high praise and reputation.

Serial No.

Company Name

Year Established

Headquarters Address

Main Products


United States Steel Corporation


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Seamless steel tubes, electric resistance welded steel pipes, ductile iron tubes, etc.


McWane, Inc.


Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Ductile iron waterworks, valves, hydrants, etc.


Nucor Corporation


Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Including steel pipe among various steel products


American Cast Iron Pipe Company

Year of establishment may vary by sources

Multiple locations across the US

Ductile iron tube, gray iron tube, etc.


Taile (Xianxian) Foundry Co., Ltd. (affiliated with McWane, Inc.)

2004 (partnership with McWane)

Xianxian County, Hebei Province, China

Various sizes of pipe fittings, valves, hydrants, etc.

Iron Pipe Fittings Factory Characteristic

United States Steel Corporation is a historic steel producer with a tubular products division that manufactures and trades seamless and electric resistance welded steel casing, tubing, and mechanical pipe.

McWane, Inc. is one of the largest pipe fittings manufacturers in North America, with products sold globally.

Nucor Corporation is one of the largest steel producers in the US, with a wide range of products including various types of steel pipes.

American Cast Iron Pipe Company is a prominent producer of ductile iron pipe with a global reputation for its products.

Although a Sino-American joint venture, its technology and products stem from McWane, Inc., reflecting the US’s strength in iron tube production.

Cast Iron Pipe Conclusion

Iron and cast iron tubes and fittings are indispensable in the industry. However, it is still necessary to continuously innovate technology, improve quality and strengthen marketing. The unique advantages of cast iron tube in durability and bearing capacity are highlighted. Continue to provide strength to the industrial sector.


1. Black Iron Pipe Vs Galvanized Pipe

Black iron pipe is ungalvanized carbon steel. The surface is a black layer of iron oxide. Suitable for dry environment. It rusts easily and requires regular maintenance.

Galvanized pipes are carbon steel with a galvanized surface. The surface is silver-gray galvanized layer. Excellent corrosion resistance. Suitable for humid environment.

Click the link below to view the blog.

1/4-3 1/2 Black Iron Pipe & Fittings Vs Galvanized Pipe

2. What is the safest metal for drinking water

Choosing the right metal can have a huge impact on water quality and human health.

The safest is a high quality stainless steel water bottle. Stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance, is not easy to be contaminated by microorganisms, suitable for long-term water storage and transportation of drinking water.

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Steel Pipe For Sale – ERW / Galvanized Vs Stainless Pipe

Today, with the rapid development of modern infrastructure, steel pipe has become an irreplaceable part of the market with its excellent performance, strict production process and wide market.

Many excellent steel pipe manufacturers steel pipe for sale are of good quality, whether it is the precision requirements of the pipe in the industrial field, or the rise of tall buildings, it is inseparable from the strong support of the steel pipe, which can meet the needs of all walks of life.

Use Steel Pipe For Sale Near Me

ERW Carbon Steel Pipe For Sale

Tuspipe can provide you with high quality and high performance welded carbon steel pipes. We have a variety of steel pipe products for sale. Can meet your various needs.

Our range of products for sale includes, but is not limited to:

Each series of carbon steel pipes has its own unique application scenarios and performance characteristics. We can provide you with professional steel pipe selection consulting services to ensure that the quality and performance of the steel pipe products you get meet the standard requirements.

You can click on the video to watch the production process.

1/2 Inch To 20 Inch Diameter Steel Pipe For Sale

Steel pipes are available in a wide variety of steel grades and sizes, while manufacturers can provide flexible customization services. From 1/2 Inch to 20 Inch, including but not limited to these sizes.

With its unique specifications and performance advantages, 20-inch diameter steel pipes have been widely used in many fields.

For example, the oil and gas industry. The chemical industry. Water conservancy project. The construction industry. Its high strength and stability ensure the safe and reliable operation of water conservancy facilities.

steel pipe for sale

Steel Pipe For Sale-Galvanized Vs Stainless Pipe

Steel Pipe For Sale-Galvanized Vs Stainless Pipe Material

Galvanized steel pipe

The surface of ordinary steel pipe is coated with a layer of zinc composite pipe. This layer of zinc mainly plays the role of corrosion prevention and rust prevention, through the principle of electrochemical corrosion, when the zinc layer is damaged, zinc will oxidize before the steel matrix, so as to protect the inside of the steel pipe from corrosion. Galvanized steel pipe has good workability and strength, and high cost efficiency.

Stainless steel pipe

A dense chromium oxide film is formed on the surface of the pipe made of stainless steel material. It can effectively isolate the invasion of oxygen and corrosive media. It has excellent corrosion resistance and aesthetics. Its main chemical composition is iron, chromium, nickel and other elements, but also in order to improve the performance of other alloying elements.

Steel Pipe For Salee-Galvanized Vs Stainless Pipe Property Chart

The table below provides you with some reference.

Performance Indicator

Galvanized Steel Pipe

Stainless Steel Pipe

Corrosion Resistance

Provides corrosion protection through the zinc coating, but the coating may wear over time

Excellent corrosion resistance due to the self-healing oxide chromium film on the surface

Physical & Mechanical Properties

– Strength: High, suitable for general engineering needs

– Strength: Very high, suitable for extreme operating conditions

– Toughness: Good, but may be limited under extreme conditions

– Toughness: Excellent, with good fatigue resistance

– High Temperature Resistance: Poor, prone to oxidation above 400°C

– High Temperature Resistance: Good, maintains stable properties at high temperatures


– Easy to cut, bend, and weld

– Excellent processability, suitable for various processing methods (e.g., stamping, bending, drawing)

– Care must be taken to protect the zinc coating during processing

– Achieves good surface finish, easy for subsequent treatments


Provides some aesthetic value through the zinc coating, but color options are limited

Naturally silver-white appearance, elegant, and easy to clean and maintain


– Lower initial investment cost

– Higher initial investment cost

– Long-term use requires consideration for coating maintenance and replacement costs

– Lower maintenance costs over the long term, resulting in overall higher cost-effectiveness

Environmental Friendliness

Potential for environmental pollution during production (e.g., pickling waste, electroplating wastewater)

Better environmental friendliness, recyclable

– Strict adherence to environmental regulations required for waste disposal

– Relatively fewer pollutants generated during production

Steel Pipe For Sale Conclusion

In short, steel pipe as a cornerstone material in the field of modern industry and construction, its importance is self-evident. We are committed to becoming your most trusted steel pipe supplier and steel pipe sales, with quality products, professional service, quick response and environmental protection concept, and you hand in hand to create a better future.

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Top Slotted Liner Manufacturer And Suppliers

With the increasing demand of the global energy industry, top slotted liners have become an important part of oil and gas extraction technology. Globally, a growing number of top slotted liner manufacturer and suppliers have emerged.

The slotted liner manufactured by top slotted liner manufacturer and suppliers gradually adopts new high-strength and corrosion-resistant materials to enhance the performance of the pipeline and ensure that it can adapt to the harsh underground environment, and is widely used in many oil and gas field projects at home and abroad.

Top Slotted Liner Manufacturer And Suppliers-Steel Pipe Specification/ Properties

Top Slotted Liner Manufacturer And Suppliers-Standard Specification API 5CT

In the manufacturing process of slotted liner, it is important to comply with API 5CT standards. This requires the manufacture of steel pipes with high wear resistance and corrosion. According to API 5CT, slotted liners are typically threaded or welded to wellhead equipment. It has fastness and tightness. To a certain extent, it ensures compatibility with boreholes, completion tools and other downhole equipment, thereby effectively reducing operational risk and improving operational efficiency.

The material choice of slotted liner is generally low carbon alloy steel, stainless steel and special alloys. This requires a combination of factors such as geological conditions, temperature and fluid properties.

Top Slotted Liner Manufacturer And Suppliers-Dimensions/Sizes

The slots are cut along the length of the pipe, and they typically range in width from 0.020 to 0.250 inches.

O.D.: 2.375Inch-4.5Inch

W.T.: 0.167Inch-0.630Inch

O.D.: 4.5Inch-20Inch

W.T.: 0.205Inch-0.635Inch

top Slotted Liner manufacturer and suppliers

Top Slotted Liner Manufacturer And Suppliers List

Top Slotted Liner Manufacturer And Suppliers In USA/Global Chart

Top slotted liner manufacturer and suppliers with their high quality and high performance products, professional after-sales service, a wide range of markets, widely acclaimed in the United States and around the world.

Company Name


Year Founded

Main Products

Cameron International Corporation

Houston, Texas, USA


Oil and gas production equipment, including slotted liners

Baker Hughes

Houston, Texas, USA

1919 (as two separate companies, merged later)

Drilling, completion, and production systems, potentially including slotted liner solutions


New York, NY, USA


Oilfield services and technologies, possibly involving slotted liner design and consulting


Houston, Texas, USA


Completion, production, and well maintenance services, potentially offering slotted liner-related products and technologies


Geneva, Switzerland

1919 (formerly BJ Services, merged with Weatherford in 2010)

Oil and gas well drilling and production solutions, including completion tools and technologies

Top Slotted Liner Manufacturer And Suppliers Characteristics And Advantages

From the table provided to you by Tuspipe, we can analyze the market and advantages of these companies in the oil and gas industry.

  • Cameron International Corporation: Known for its oil and gas production equipment, including slotted liners. The market focuses on oil and gas production equipment, which is equipment related to drilling and production processes.
  • Baker Hughes: Covers the full spectrum of drilling, completion and production systems. Has a wide range of product lines and technical capabilities.
  • Schlumberger focuses on the oilfield services and technology market, providing full-cycle solutions from exploration to production. It is known for its broad portfolio of services and technologies, which may include the design and consulting services of slot liners, giving it a unique advantage in solving complex oilfield challenges.
  • Halliburton: focuses on the well completion, production and well maintenance services markets. Extensive experience in providing well life cycle management services.
  • Weatherford: Focuses on the oil and gas drilling and production solutions market, leveraging completion tools and technologies to enhance market competitiveness.

Top Slotted Liner Manufacturer And Suppliers Conclusion

Top Slotted Liner Manufacturer And Suppliers Read More »

Top Shouldered Pipe Manufacturer And Suppliers In China

With the vigorous development of infrastructure construction and industrialization process, the market demand for tube is growing. In China, too, a crop of top shouldered pipe manufacturer and suppliers has sprung up.

The characteristic of the socket is that through the special design of the socket, the tight connection between the pipes is realized to ensure the smooth transmission of fluid and the stable operation of the system. It is widely used in gas transmission, industrial cooling system and urban water supply and drainage.

Top Shouldered Pipe Manufacturer And Suppliers In China

Top Shouldered Pipe Manufacturer And Suppliers/PVC/Steel/Copper

The material choice of shoulder pipe has a great impact on the chemical properties, physical properties, and cost effectiveness of the pipe.

  • Shouldered pipe made of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) has become the preferred material for drainage, agricultural irrigation, chemical transportation and building drainage due to its good corrosion resistance, light weight, easy installation and maintenance, and low cost.
  • Shouldered pipe made of steel has the advantages of high pressure and high temperature resistance, high strength and so on. Widely used in oil, natural gas, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power and other industrial fields.
  • Shouldered pipe made of copper has excellent thermal conductivity, ductility, plasticity and aesthetics. The rapid transfer of heat commonly used in heating systems. In addition, it is easy to process and install.

Top Shouldered Pipe Manufacturer And Suppliers/Size/Dimensions

The size/dimension of Shouldered Pipe mainly refers to key parameters such as outer diameter, inner diameter, wall thickness, shoulder width and shoulder height of the pipe. These parameters together determine the physical size and performance characteristics of the pipeline.

(Outer Diameter, OD): 60.3mm-219.1mm

NPS: 50mm-200mm

length: 16mm-20.5mm

top Shouldered Pipe manufacturer and suppliers

Top Shouldered Pipe Manufacturer And Suppliers-Chart/Market

Top Shouldered Pipe Manufacturer And Suppliers In China Chart

Tuspipe provides you with a detailed chart and analysis of top shouldered pipe manufacturer and suppliers in china. The table is a collection of information about some excellent manufacturers, product features, markets, etc.


Company Name


Year Established

Approximate Number of Employees

Main Products

Tianjin Youfa Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.

Jinghai District, Tianjin, China



ERW welded pipes, galvanized pipes, shouldered pipes, etc.

Zhejiang Jinzhou Pipeline Technology Co., Ltd.

Huzhou, Zhejiang, China



Spiral welded pipes, straight seam welded pipes, shouldered pipes, etc.

Jiangsu Changbao Steel Tube Co., Ltd.

Changzhou, Jiangsu, China



Seamless steel tubes, welded steel tubes, shouldered pipes, etc.

Baosteel Metal Co., Ltd. (Steel Tube Division)

Shanghai, China

Not specified (part of Baosteel Group with a long history)

Large scale

Various steel tube products, including shouldered pipes

KESSEBOHMER Pipeline Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Shanghai, China

1973 (Headquarter in Germany)

Not specified

Plastic pipes and fittings for water supply and heating/cooling systems, possibly including shouldered pipes

ALIAXIS Group (formerly known as Viega)

Wenstorf, Germany (Headquarter), multiple branches in China


Numerous employees globally

High-quality piping systems, potentially including specially designed shouldered pipes


Top Shouldered Pipe Manufacturer And Suppliers-Company Characteristic

As a large country of shoulder tube production and consumption, China has many excellent manufacturers and suppliers.

Tianjin Youfa Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. Focus on the production of welded steel pipe, and provide pipe tube and other steel pipe products, covering domestic and foreign markets.

Zhejiang Jinzhou Pipeline Technology Co., Ltd. The market is water supply, gas, heat, industry, etc. And always put independent innovation and technology research and development in the first place.

Baosteel Metal Co., Ltd. provides professional solutions for smart living and comfortable home systems. The market is oriented to Europe, North America, Middle East, Asia, etc.

KESSEBOHMER Pipeline Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Covering the global market, especially in the Chinese market leading PP-R piping system high-end market.


Top Shouldered Pipe Manufacturer And Suppliers Conclusion

Top Shouldered Pipe Manufacturer And Suppliers In China Read More »

Top Pipe Machining Manufacturer And Suppliers In China

In China, with the continuous improvement and development of industrial level and modernization process, more and more top pipe machining manufacturer and suppliers have emerged.

With innovative technology, huge market size and high quality and high performance pipe products, Top pipe machining manufacturer and suppliers can meet the market demand for pipe processing and promote the development of pipe processing manufacturing industry.

Top Pipe Machining Manufacturer And Suppliers-Primary Technology

Top Pipe Machining Manufacturer And Suppliers/Cut/Bend/Wash

Pipeline processing, especially the three key links of cutting, bending and washing, is directly related to the performance, safety and service life of the pipeline system.

  • Cut is the first step in pipe processing. Laser cutting, water knife cutting, plasma cutting and other new technologies have fast cutting speed and high precision, and can also achieve complex shape cutting to meet the needs of different working conditions.
  • Bend technology enables pipes to be laid according to specific shapes and angles to meet complex and varied engineering needs.
  • Wash includes chemical, physical and automated cleaning systems. In the process of processing, transportation and installation, the pipeline will inevitably be contaminated with oil, dust and other impurities. A thorough cleaning ensures the performance and service life of the pipe.

Top Pipe Machining Manufacturer And Suppliers/Application Area

Pipeline processing has a wide range of applications. It covers many key fields such as construction, industry, medical treatment and agriculture.

In the process of pipeline processing in the construction field, accurate measurement and production are carried out according to the design drawings of the building, and the production of ventilation pipes is completed through the process steps such as cutting, bending and welding.

The medical field processes pipes of various special materials, such as antibacterial pipes and corrosion-resistant pipes.

top Pipe Machining manufacturer and suppliers

Top Pipe Machining Manufacturer And Suppliers /China Pipe Making Machine Factory

Top Pipe Machining Manufacturer And Suppliers-PVC/Steel/Plastic/Chart

With the rapid development of the market, the traditional cast iron steel pipe has been advanced to plastic, stainless steel and other diversified materials pipe. At present, China’s pipeline processing and manufacturing industry has formed a diversified competitive pattern with stainless steel pipes, plastic pipes and cast iron pipes as the main products.

Company Name

Year Established


Estimated Number of Employees

Main Products

Jinde Pipe Industry Group Co., Ltd.


Shenyang, Zhuzhou, Dezhou, etc.


Aluminum-plastic composite pipes, new plastic pipes

Foshan Rifo Enterprise Co., Ltd.




Water supply, drainage, heating, gas, bathroom, and other pipes

China Lesso Group Holdings Limited


Multiple locations


Plastic pipes and fittings, building materials, home furnishing, environmental protection, photovoltaic new energy, etc.

Gongyuan Plastic Industry Group Co., Ltd.




Plastic pipes, photovoltaic solar energy, switches, sockets, smart equipment, etc.

Jiangsu Pinsun Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.



Hundreds to thousands

PP-R pipes and fittings, PVC-U drainage pipes, PE water supply pipes, etc.

Shanghai Tianjing New Material Technology Co., Ltd.




Antibacterial water pipes, three-layer nano-antibacterial pipes

Shanghai Lanling Industrial Co., Ltd.



Hundreds to thousands

Various types of new plastic pipes

Zhejiang Weixing New Building Materials Co., Ltd.




PP-R pipes and fittings, PE pipes and fittings, PVC pipes and fittings, etc.

Zhejiang Fuhua Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.


Zhuji, Zhejiang

Hundreds to thousands

PP-R pipes and fittings, aluminum-plastic composite pipes, floor heating pipes, etc.

Fujian Yatong New Material Technology Co., Ltd.




Plastic pipe products

Feature Of Top Pipe Machining Manufacturer And Suppliers/High-tech/Cost

As top pipe machining manufacturer and suppliers, these suppliers have their different characteristics and advantages.

  • Foshan Rifo Enterprise Co., Ltd.: Large-scale high-tech enterprise, products sold in over 100 countries and regions worldwide. The wholesale price is cost-effective.
  • China Lesso Group Holdings Limited: Leading supplier of plastic pipes and fittings in China, Fortune China 500 company.
  • Zhejiang Weixing New Building Materials Co., Ltd.: Leading enterprise in China’s PP-R pipe industry, actively expanding water purification equipment and waterproofing businesses.
  • Zhejiang Fuhua Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.: Large-scale plastic pipe manufacturing enterprise with a comprehensive product system.

Top Pipe Machining Manufacturer And Suppliers Conclusion

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1- 2 Inch Black Iron Pipe Vs Galvanized Pipe

What is black iron pipe? Black iron pipe is a pipe made of ordinary carbon steel as the main material. The seamless steel pipe is hot rolled or cold rolled on the surface to travel a layer of iron oxide, so it is named.

Black iron pipe and its fittings have become an indispensable part of the pipeline system with their unique physical properties, wide range of applications, and reasonable price and cost, guaranteeing the safe and efficient operation of the pipeline system.

Black Iron Pipe and Fittings Dimensions Size

Black Iron Pipe and Fittings Types/Function

Black iron pipe and fittings are the key parts responsible for connecting pipes, changing the direction of pipes, branching or controlling fluid flow.

There are several types of common black iron pipe fittings.

3/4" Black Iron Pipe Size Chart

Black iron pipes have a variety of specifications and sizes, the standard covers ASTM, GB, DIN and other systems.

Outer diameter range: from 0.54inch to 4inch, can also be flexibly customized according to project requirements.

Wall thickness range: from 0.088inch to 0.226inch.

The following table is our black iron matching size chart which contains 3/4 black iron pipe, 1 inch black iron pipe 20 ft, 1 1/2 black iron pipe, 3/4 black iron pipe 10 ft and so on, we hope it will be helpful for you.


Nominal Pipe Size


Wall Thickness


Length (In.)

Weight (Lb/Ft)

1/4″ x SCH40







3/8″ x SCH40







1/2″ x SCH40







1/2″ x SCH80







3/4″ x SCH40







3/4″ x SCH80







1″ x SCH40







1″ x SCH80







1-1/4″ x SCH40







1-1/4″ x SCH80







1-1/2″ x SCH40







1-1/2″ x SCH80







2″ x SCH10







2″ x SCH40







2″ x SCH80







2-1/2″ x SCH40







2-1/2″ x SCH80







3″ x SCH40







3″ x SCH80







3-1/2″ x SCH40







Difference Between Black Iron Pipe Vs Galvanized Pipe

Black Iron Pipe Vs Galvanized Pipe Material/Characteristics

  • The black iron pipe is not galvanized and is made of carbon steel. With high strength, corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity and other mechanical properties. Although the surface is prone to rust, its corrosion rate is relatively slow when the internal fluid is not in direct contact with the air. It is often used in fire sprinkler systems and high-pressure fluid transmission.
  • Galvanized pipes can be galvanized on the surface of steel pipes by hot dip plating, electroplating and mechanical galvanizing. The zinc layer can effectively isolate the direct contact between the steel pipe and the corrosive medium such as air and water. So galvanized pipe has excellent corrosion resistance. It is widely used in oil, drainage and other fields.
black iron pipe

How To Use Black Iron Pipe Vs Galvanized Pipe

There are some precautions when using these two pipes.

  • Black iron pipes need to be maintained by coating anti-corrosion coatings and installing anti-corrosion sleeves in a humid and corrosive environment.
    • The toughness is poor, so avoid impact during use, so as to avoid rupture or deformation.
  • Galvanized pipe is prone to thermal expansion and deformation under high temperature environment, so it is necessary to control its temperature range.
    • The chemical composition of the water can react with zinc, causing the zinc coating to fall off or produce harmful substances. Water quality needs to be adequately assessed.

Black Iron Pipe Conclusion

Black iron pipe has many advantages such as high strength, excellent thermal conductivity, but poor corrosion resistance, need to take corresponding anti-corrosion measures and follow-up maintenance work.

Select the right pipe and carefully and scientifically maintain it, give full play to the advantages of black iron pipe, and provide power for the stable operation of the pipeline system.

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