Rui Zhang

Head of Content at Ahrefs

Zhang Rui is a seasoned professional in the steel pipe industry with 8 years of extensive work experience. As an SEO writer, Zhang Rui specializes in content creation for the steel pipe sector, demonstrating exceptional talent and unique insights in this field. 

She excels in conveying expertise through her articles, helping readers gain in-depth understanding of steel pipe products, market trends, and industry dynamics.

Quality Articles

Why are Square Tubes Widely Favored by Manufacturers

Square tube has become the preferred manufacturing material for manufacturers, because of its unique shape and excellent performance. Its widely…

What Is Carbon Steel: 4 Aspects Quick Understanding

What is carbon steel? Why add carbon to iron? It strengthens the metal by solidifying its internal structure. Carbon is also…

Carbon Steel vs Stainless Steel: An Comprehensive Guide

Carbon steel vs stainless steel? In engineering and construction projects, the selection of the right steel pipe can ensure the…
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