AS NZS 1163 standard overview

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AS NZS 1163 is a standard that applies to the testing and certification of pressure equipment and components. It was jointly developed by Australia and New Zealand and is recognized as an important standard for ensuring the safety and performance of pressure equipment in these countries. 

AS NZS 1163 standard contains a series of requirements and test methods for pressure equipment design, manufacturing, testing and repairing.

AS NZS 1163 pipe Applicable Scenarios

The AS NZS 1163 standard applies to a wide range of pressure equipment, including boilers, pressure vessels, piping systems, valves, compressors, etc. It focuses on the safety aspects of pressure equipment design and construction, including the selection of materials, design calculations, welding and assembly processes, non-destructive testing methods, etc. The standard also specifies the requirements for the design and operation of pressure equipment auxiliary systems, such as safety valves, pressure relief valves and other important components.

AS NZS 1163

AS/NZS 1163 standard test

AS NZS 1163 standard test methods involve static pressure test, dynamic pressure test, leak tightness test, stress relaxation test, etc. The standard requires that all pressure equipment must undergo these tests to ensure their safety performance and quality before they are put into operation. In addition, AS NZS 1163 standard also provides guidance for the safe use and maintenance of pressure equipment, including equipment operation rules, inspection and maintenance programs, etc.

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Pressure Test

One of the key tests required under AS NZS 1163 is the pressure test. This test is performed to ensure the piping system can withstand the operating pressure without any leakage or damage. 

The pressure test involves gradually increasing the pressure in the piping system and maintaining this pressure for a period of time to simulate the loads imposed during normal operation. The test must be carried out at both static and dynamic conditions, and leakage tightness tests may also be required to check for any leaks in the piping system.

as nzs 1163

Stress Relaxation Test.

AS NZS 1163 also requires the piping system to undergo a stress relaxation test. This test measures the stress relaxation behavior of the piping system under simulated operating conditions. 

The test involves heating the piping system to a specific temperature and then gradually reducing the load on the piping system to simulate the stress relaxation process that occurs during operation.

Other Tests

In addition to these primary tests, AS NZS 1163 also requires the piping system to undergo a number of other tests, including but not limited to, metallurgical testing, flammability testing, toxicity testing, and visual inspections. These tests ensure that the piping system meets all applicable safety standards and can be safely operated during its intended use.

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