Schedule40 Carbon Steel Pip-3 1/2″ to 20″

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Today we are going to discuss schedule 40 steel pipe. In the steel pipe industry sch generally refers to the wall thickness of the steel pipe, in the field of carbon steel pipe, wall thickness ranges from 5s to 160, but the Schedule 40 steel pipe, however, stands out with his unique characteristics and a wide range of applications. Get an in-depth understanding of the importance/ application/ nature of sch 40 steel pipe today.

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What is Schedule 40 Steel Pipe

Schedule is a U.S. wall thickness series for steel pipe. Is the classification of steel pipe wall thickness. In different standards, the method of expression is not the same, there are three main:
1. To the table number of the steel pipe (Sch.) said wall thickness series
2. To the weight of the steel pipe wall thickness indicated
The U.S. MSS and ANSI regulations, the tube wall thickness is divided into standard weight tube (STD); thickened tube (XS); special thickened tube (XXS).
In this Sch40 is equivalent to STD; Sch80 is equivalent to XS.
3. The wall thickness is expressed by the wall size of the steel pipe. This way of expression is more commonly used in some standards of China/IOS and Japan.

Schedule40 Carbon Steel Pipe Specification

Composition: Schedule40 is generally made of carbon or alloy steel and is able to be safely transported in certain high temperatures and pressurized environments.

Size: Schedule 40 diameter ranges from 1/8-48 [NPS]. But according to the different production standards, there will be different diameter limitations, for example, ASTM A53 standard, SCH40 diameter from 2-24.                                                                                                                                                                        In ASTM A106 standard, the diameter from 1/8-48 are available. So the specific production wall thickness should be found out against the standard.

Note: ASTM A53 vs ASTM A106 can be found here.

Strength and durability: Schedule 40 steel pipe has some strength, but it is lower than schedule 80 steel pipe. In oil and gas transportation, generally can be used sch40 steel pipe.

Corrosion resistance: generally transport corrosive gases and liquids, the pipes need to be coated, tuspipe has a variety of coating technology to meet the customer’s requirements of the pipeline of the layer. Schedule 40 steel pipe itself has corrosion resistance, with the addition of coating, can grow the life of the pipeline, to ensure that in a variety of environments and stable operation.

For more information on the types of coatings that can be done with TUSPIPE, you can look here!

schedule 40

Schedule40 Pipe Application Scenarios

Schedule 40 pipe is the cornerstone of industrial infrastructure and offers endless possibilities for the pipeline transportation industry/construction industry. Whether it is for support/transportation or for reinforcing piping systems, schedule 40 steel pipes are of high value.

1. Schedule40 Pipe in Pipeline transportation

Schedule 40 can transport: fluids, gases, chemicals. Many factories apply schedule 40 steel pipe, such as oil refineries, chemical plants, power plants and so on.

2.Construction-Schedule 40 Steel Pipe:

Sch40 not only has round pipe, but also square pipe, etc. The shape of the pipe is not limited, especially the square pipe, which is widely used in the construction industry. sch40 steel pipe can be used as the support of the building, structural components, and also as the transportation pipeline for internal air conditioning gas.

How to Choose Schedule 40 Pipe?

First: determine the working environment of the pipe: determine the pressure, temperature, corrosiveness, in order to ensure the life of the pipe
Compliance with standards: to comply with production standards, it is necessary to carry out tests such as hydrostatic pressure, flattening and tensile tests after the production of the pipe to ensure that the pipe complies with the standards.
Project requirements: whether the project needs sch40 can be satisfied.


In general, Schedule80 steel pipe has a higher capacity to withstand pressure than Schedule 40 steel pipe and is more able to be transported in harsh environments. However, Schedule40 is more widely used, and in general transportation environments, Schedule 40 can meet the standards. Therefore, when choosing a steel pipe, it is important to consider the model based on the specific environment.

2. Schedule 40 pipe Dimensions?

Here are the dimensions of Schedule 40 pipe, including: 2 schedule40 pipe/ 4 schedule40 pipe/ 12 inch schedule40 pipe/ sch 40 wall thickness/ schedule 40 pipe thickness/ 6 schedule 40 pipe dimensions.

Schedule40 Carbon Steel Pip-3 1/2″ to 20″

Outside diameterWall thicknes mm BIron pipe weight (kg/m) CInside diameter mm DInternal water weight (kg/m) EAll up weight (kilogram/m) F
Imperial systemMetric mm – ↑
3 1/2101.65.713.590.96.520

3. How About Sch40 Pipe From TUSPIPE Manufacturer

TUSPIPE is not only a manufacturer of tubes, but also a producer of tube standards. TUSPIPE has its own laboratory that produces tubes according to strict standards and has 20 technical engineers who control the production process prior to the production of tubes, so that all the products meet the customer’s requirements.

To learn about the TUSPIPE production process, you can watch it on our video platform! Contact us for any request!

Our Advantages

  1. Over 25 years of experience in pipeline production and installation.
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