5 Reasons to Choose Carbon Steel Pipe

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Carbon steel pipe is a kind of pipe made from carbon steel, which is widely used in various engineering and architectural structures. It is cheap, easy to install, has good seismic performance and high corrosion resistance, so it is one of the best choices for pipeline engineering. In this paper, we will introduce the classification, characteristics and application of carbon steel pipe.

Classification of Carbon Steel Pipe

Carbon steel pipe can be divided into two kinds: welded pipe and seamless pipe. Welded pipe is made by welding the edges of steel plate or steel strip, which is cheap and widely used in various engineering projects. Seamless pipe is made by drawing or rolling steel billet, which has higher quality requirements and is used for high-pressure and pipeline occasions.

Characteristics of Carbon Steel Pipe


•Good Seismic Performance

Carbon steel pipe has good seismic performance, which can withstand the earthquake load. In the process of pipeline installation, the seismic performance of steel pipe can be improved by adding damping devices and shock-absorbing devices to reduce the damage to pipeline engineering.

•High Corrosion Resistance

Carbon pipe has good corrosion resistance, which can effectively prevent the pipeline from rusting and corroding. The surface treatment technology such as hot galvanizing, fusion zinc and electrophoresis can also improve the corrosion resistance of steel pipe.

•Easy Installation

It is lightweight, which can be installed conveniently and quickly. The installation process is simple, which can reduce the cost of pipeline engineering construction. At the same time, the welding interface is also simple, easy to operate, suitable for different kinds of installation environments.

•Good Performance-price Ratio

Carbon steel pipe has good performance-price ratio, which is more cost-effective than other piping materials. In addition to the low cost of carbon steel pipe itself, it also has good seismic performance and high corrosion resistance, which can meet the requirements of pipeline engineering construction.

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Application of Carbon Steel Pipe

Widely used in various engineering and architectural structures, including water supply and drainage pipeline engineering, oil pipeline engineering, gas pipeline engineering, etc. In these pipeline engineering construction, carbon steel pipe plays an important role. Has low cost and good seismic performance and high corrosion resistance characteristics, which can meet the needs of pipeline engineering construction better than other piping materials.

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