The History of us


In 1998, the establishment of Zhongyi Steel Pipe Co., Ltd, TUS started to show up


In 2005, TUS set 355 production line


In 2007, TUS was granted the “Manufacture License of Special Equipment (Pressure Pipeline)”, API and CE Certificates for the first time, successfully won the permission to the oversea markets.


In 2011, the 114 and 168 Production Line put into production.

July 2014

In July 2014, TUS was granted “BS OHSAS 18001 The Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate” by Beijing United Intelligence Certification Company for the first time.


In 2015, TUS was granted the Japanese JIS Mark Certificate for the first time, successfully won the permission to Japanese market and Southeast Asia market.

September 2015

In September 2015, The Test and Inspection Center of TUS was identified as “Tianjin Key Laboratory of Welded Pipe Enterprises”

February 2016

In February 2016, TUS was granted “UL-852 Certificates” by Underwriter Laboratories Inc. for the first time

August 2016

In August 2016, TUS obtained the invention patent of “a kind of Anti Drop Plug Impedance Device”


In 2004, the Foundation of Tianjin United Steel Pipe Co., Ltd, strategic adjustment and optimization for main products


In 2006, the establishment of Uniglory International Trade Co., Ltd, who has become the bridge between the TUS products and international market.


In 2010, TUS Brand- HFW Pipe for Oil Industry was granted “Tianjin Famous Brand Product Certificate”

June 2014

In June 2014, TUS Test and Inspection Center was identified as “Tianjin Certified Technical Center”

November 2014

In November 2014, the “Compound pump truck arm frame conveying pipe” manufactured by TUS was granted “Tianjin Key New Product Certificate”

June 2015

In June 2015, TUS was approved “2015 integration of the two management system pilot enterprise” by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China.

December 2015

In December 2015, TUS was granted National –level “Hi-Tech  enterprise Certificates”

May 2016

In May 2016, TUS Laboratory gained “CNAS Laboratory Accreditation Certificate”

October 2016

In October 2016, TUS was identified as “The Export Base of China Hardware Products” by China Chamber Commerce of Metal, Mineral & Chemical Importer & Exporters

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