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Since 1998, Tianjin United Steel Pipe Co., Ltd [TUSPIPE] has been manufacturing a wide range of high-quality black steel pipes to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. Our main products include line pipes, casing pipes, tubings, slotted liners, compressor tubes, transmission shaft tubes, torque tubes, piling pipes, sprinkler pipes, boiler pipes, etc.

We also manufacture according to a variety of international standards including API SPEC 5CT, API SPEC 5L, JIS G 3444, JIS G 3452, ASTM A53/A53M, ASTM A135, ASTM A252, ASTM A500, ASTM A795, AS/NZS 1163, AS/NZS 1074, AS/NZS 1396, EN 10217, EN 10219, EN 10255, UL 852, FM 1630, etc.

Line Pipe

A line pipe is a steel pipe used for transporting oil, gas, or water over long distqances. API 5L is a common standard for this.The most common steel grades used for line pipes are Grades B through X80. 

Octg Black Pipe

 OCTG products are essential for the safe and efficient operation of oil and gas wells. The API 5CT standard helps to ensure that OCTG products meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Fire Sprinkler Pipe

Our fire protection piping, uniquely FM Approved and UL Listed, exceeds industry standards. Choose our certified piping for unmatched reliability and peace of mind.

Piling Black Pipe

A piling pipe is a steel pipe that is driven or drilled into the ground to support a structure.Piling pipes are an essential part of many construction projects.

Structural Pipe

Structural pipe is hollow section tubing that is typically used for construction purposes. It is often made from a variety of materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. 

Pressure Pipe

A pressure pipe is a type of underground pipeline used to transport liquids and gases under high pressure. Common applications for pressure pipes include steam and water lines, gas mains, and oil lines.

Hollow Section

The term “Hollow Section” (HSS: Hollow Structural Section) refers to a type of metal profile with a hollow tubular cross-section.hollow sections have a very high resistance to corrosion.

show various kind of galvanized pipes
Galvanized Pipe

Pipe galvanizing is the process of coating iron or steel with a layer of zinc. This helps to prevent corrosion and rust and is often used on pipes that will be exposed to the elements.

shouldered pipe
Shouldered Pipe

The shouldered pipe is a type of pipe that is suitable for mining, cement, and concrete industries. The pipe has rings welded on each end, which helps to make easy connection between pipes.

Slotted Liner

Slotted liners are manufactured to API 5CT specifications, and they are used in a variety of applications including oil and gas production, water injection, and geothermal wells.

Torque Tube

In a solar tracking system, the torque tube is a critical structural component, especially for single-axis solar trackers.Torque tubes have been used in solar tracker designs to handle both bending and torsional forces. 

Boiler Tube

hese Boiler pipes are classified into two different types:medium pressure pipes and  / high pressure pipes. Boiler tubes are welded , which makes them resistant to many different types of wear and tear. 

Pipe Machining

Pipe machining is the forming operation, and it encompasses the various procedures used to cut, size, and shape raw pipe material into the appropriate shape.

Pipe Coating

With TUSPIPE’s own coating technology and production lines, you can customise your  pipe coating to meet your production requirements.

Steel Fabrication

Pipelines are used to transport fluids such as vapors, gases, slurries, and powders at varying pressures and temperatures, and they are often subjected to extreme loads and strains. 

piping connections types
Pipe Fitting

Pipe fittings are a type of pipe system. Steel pipes, pipe fittings, flanges, bolts and nuts, washers, valves, and pressure-bearing elements of other piping components comprise the entire piping system.

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  • Experienced

With more than 25 years of production experience. Production can be done independently according to customer requirements

  • Black pipe traceable

All products have independent serial codes to achieveproduct traceability.

  • Fully certificates

Tuspipe has obtained API5L / API5CT / JIS G3444 / JIS G3452 / ISO9001 / ISO14001 / ISO45001 / BPS / EN10217 / EN10219 certificates.

  • One-stop service

Our keeps documentation of all steps from the receipt of customer orders to the final delivery.

  • Perfect testing equipment

Our laboratory has obtained the CNAS certificate, and we calibrate the equipment every year to guarantee the accuracy of the data.

  • Complete range of products
The products include oil black pipe, casing, oil and gas pipeline black pipe, air-conditioning compressor pipe, cut seam pipe, structural black pipe and so on.
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Service Process

Request for quotation — engineers start technical meeting

Get a quote — price/delivery time/shipping method

Signing of the contract — Definition of co-operation and technical parameters

Obtaining production milestones — tracking records for all production steps

Packaging and transport

Inspection — support tripartite inspection

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