Torque Tube


Torque Tube

In a solar tracking system, the torque tube is a critical structural component. Torque tubes are typically circular, square, pentagonal, octagonal, or D in shape and coated with galvanizing. The torque tube connects all PV modules, ensuring that they all track the sun’s path simultaneously.

Torque tubes have been used in solar tracker designs to handle both bending and torsional forces. Solar trackers point solar panels or modules in the direction of the sun as it moves across the sky. These devices rotate their orientation throughout the day to track the sun’s path and capture the maximum amount of energy. And the torque tube on the tracker is the component that assists in the movement of the panels. Trackers aid in minimizing the angle of incidence (the angle formed by a ray of light and a line perpendicular to the surface) between the incoming light and the panel in photovoltaic systems. This significantly increases the amount of energy generated by the panels. Single-axis solar trackers, in particular, rotate the solar panel(s) around a single axis. There are several types of single-axis trackers, including horizontal, vertical, tilted, and polar aligned trackers. Each of these trackers rotates supported panels about a single axis.

Energy demand has increased over the world as a result of economic growth, rising prosperity, a rising rate of urbanization, and rising per capita energy consumption. Single-axis trackers are becoming increasingly popular among developers, owing to the additional energy yield they provide over fixed-tilt devices. As indicated by our increased market share, TUSPIPE has been able to meet this increasing demand.

Why choose tuspipe?


Since 1998, Tianjin United Steel Pipe Co., Ltd (TUSPIPE) has been committed to supplying high-quality line pipes.

With over 500,000 tons annual production capacity, the company serves various fields and industries, such as oil & gas exploitation and transmission, ship & auto-building, water & electricity, environmental protection, mechanical engineering, infrastructure construction and etc.

TUSPIPE places a premium on product quality and rigorous product quality control. In order to maintain good product quality,  the company has established a Test & Inspection Center since 2004. With a series of state-of-the-art tests and inspection equipment, the test & inspection center is able to perform the tensile tests, hydro tests, impact tests, DWTT, etc.

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Torque Tube Processing & Machining

TUSPIPE owns 6 CNC machines for processing customized torque tubes. Torque tube drilling, swaging, tapering, reducing, expanding, crimping, and end forming are all possible operations on these machines, resulting in an increase in productivity and the production of a higher-quality product.

- Torque Tube Swaging

Torque tube swaging is a process that compresses the pipes by repeatedly compressing them and adjusting the shape and diameter of the tube. It enables the internal or external connection of two tubes. It is one of the numerous specialized services available in tube fabrication and should only be performed by qualified personnel. Numerous industries rely on pipes and tubing and thus require the ability to connect tubes to create a flow system. 

Swaging is accomplished by compressing one tube with a tube die to reduce its diameter, then connecting it to another pipe or fitting and applying a compressive force to form a join. The tube’s inner diameter may change shape as a result of the compression. Swaging is a popular method for fabricating precious metals because it involves no material loss; rather, it is a compression and reshaping of the existing material.

- Multi Spindles Drilling on Torque Tube

TUSPIPE has developed multi-spindle drilling machines for the production of torque tubes, particularly for torque tubes that require numerous assembly holes. The multi-spindle drilling machine features 60 drilling heads, a rotating system, and automatic loading and unloading system. These features reduce any processing deviation and also improve production efficiency.

Additionally, the drilling machine and swaging machine can be combined. As a result, the hole drilling and pipe end swaging processes can be integrated seamlessly.

- Hole Punching on Torque Tube

Torque tube punching is a process that involves punching a hole in a tube using a die supported by a mandrel. Although the precision of machining is less than that of hole drilling, it is more cost-effective and productive.

A mandrel is inserted and positioned beneath the punch, which is then pressed against the workpiece by applying pressure. One or more subsequent strokes may be required, depending on the design of the workpiece.

When punching the welded tubes, a slot die should be used to prevent the tube from wedged against the slit. This also prevents the welding seam from cracking, which would degrade the result.

When a hole is punched out, the material is sheared between the punch and die. Material is displaced during the punching process and then completely loosens due to material failure. This results in both the punched detail and bore having the typical cut surface seen during punching operations, namely a smooth surface where the material has slipped and a rougher surface where the material has failed.

When tools are designed to perform compression forming, the sheet is deformed by plastic deformation.

- Welding Robot

TUSPIPE has rich experience in manufacturing luminous and solar tracker torque tubes using welding robots. The robot joins the torque tube and accessories as required, ensuring that the welding quality and accuracy meet the specified standards.

Dimension & Sizes of Torque Tube

- Specification & Size of Square Torque Tube

O. D.W. T.
100 * 1002.0 – 12.75
120 * 1202.0 – 12.75
130 * 1302.0 – 12.75
140 * 1402.0 – 12.75
150 * 1502.0 – 12.75
170 * 1702.0 – 12.75
180 * 1802.0 – 12.75
200 * 2002.0 – 12.75
250 * 2502.0 – 12.75

- Specification & Size of Circular Torque Tube

DNO. D.W. T.
652 1/2″732.
903 1/2″
Piling Pipe
Hollow Section
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Galvanized Pipe
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