JIS G3452 Grade SGP is a Japanese Industrial Standardized material that is often used in industrial applications. JIS G3452 SGP Galvanized Pipe is used to transmit steam, water, oil, gas, and air, among other things, at relatively moderate operating pressures.

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Since 1998, Tianjin United Steel Pipe Co., Ltd (TUSPIPE) has been committed to supplying high-quality line pipes.

With over 500,000 tons annual production capacity, the company serves various fields and industries, such as oil & gas exploitation and transmission, ship & auto-building, water & electricity, environmental protection, mechanical engineering, infrastructure construction and etc.

TUSPIPE places a premium on product quality and rigorous product quality control. In order to maintain good product quality,  the company has established a Test & Inspection Center since 2004. With a series of state-of-the-art tests and inspection equipment, the test & inspection center is able to perform the tensile tests, hydro tests, impact tests, DWTT, etc.

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Main Features and Applications of JIS G3452 SGP Pipe

  1. Used to transport water (not drinking water), air, steam, oil, and gas, as well as other fluids at relatively low pressures. Plastic-lined steel pipe manufactured by coating JIS G3452 SGP is used for water delivery pipelines (carbon steel pipe for ordinary piping)
  2. There are two distinct types: black pipe and white pipe. Temperature range of operation: -15 to 350°C.
  3. MZN grade groove corrosion-resistant ERW steel pipe is also available to defend against groove corrosion along ERW steel pipe welds.

Dimensions of steel JIS G3452 SGP pipes

JIS G3452 Dimensions, Weights and Dimensional Tolerances
Nominal Diameter O.D. mm O.D. Tolerances W.T. mm W.T. Tolerances Unit Mass excluding Socket kg/m
A B Pipes to be cut in taper thread Other pipes
6 1/8 10.5 ±0.5mm ±0.5mm 2 +Not specified -12.50% 0.419
8 1/4 13.8 ±0.5mm ±0.5mm 2.3 0.652
10 3/8 17.3 ±0.5mm ±0.5mm 2.3 0.851
15 1/2 21.7 ±0.5mm ±0.5mm 2.8 1.31
20 3/4 27.2 ±0.5mm ±0.5mm 2.8 1.68
25 1 34 ±0.5mm ±0.5mm 3.2 2.43
32 1 1/4 42.7 ±0.5mm ±0.5mm 3.5 3.38
40 1 1/2 48.6 ±0.5mm ±0.5mm 3.5 3.89
50 2 60.5 ±0.5mm ±1% 3.8 5.31
65 2 1/2 76.3 ±0.7mm ±1% 4.2 7.47
80 3 89.1 ±0.8mm ±1% 4.2 8.79
90 3 1/2 101.6 ±0.8mm ±1% 4.2 10.1
100 4 114.3 ±0.8mm ±1% 4.5 12.2
125 5 139.8 ±0.8mm ±1% 4.5 15
150 6 165.2 ±0.8mm ±1.6mm 5 19.8
175 7 190.7 ±0.9mm ±1.6mm 5.3 24.2
200 8 216.3 ±1.0mm ±0.8% 5.8 30.1
225 9 241.8 ±1.2mm ±0.8% 6.2 36
250 10 267.4 ±1.3mm ±0.8% 6.6 42.4
300 12 318.5 ±1.5mm ±0.8% 6.9 53
350 14 355.6 ±0.8% 7.9 67.7
400 16 406.4 ±0.8% 7.9 77.6
450 18 457.2 ±0.8% 7.9 87.5
500 20 508 ±0.8% 7.9 97.4

Chemical Composition of JIS G3452 SGP Pipe

Steel Grade P S
SGP 0.040max. 0.040max.

Mechanical Composition of JIS G3452 SGP Pipe

Letter symbol of grade Tensile Test
Tensile Strength N /mm² Elongation %
JIS G3452 No.11 and No.12 Test Pieces JIS G3452 No.5Test Pieces
Longitudinal Transverse
JIS G3452 SGP 30 {294} min. 30 min. 25 min.
Remarks 1. When the tensile test is carried out for No. 12 or No. 5 test piece for the pipe under 8 mm in wall thickness, the minimum value of elongation shall be obtained by subtracting 1.5 %from the values of elongation given in Table 3-1 for each 1 mm decrease in wall thickness, and rounding off to an integer by JIS z 840i. Examples of calculations are given in the referenced Table. 2. The values of elongation given in Table 3-1 shall not be applied to the pipe whose nominal size is32 A or smaller. However, the value of elongation shall be recorded. 3. In sampling the tensile test pieces, No.12 and No.5 test pieces shall be taken from the portion which does not involve welded seams.

Manufacturing Method of JIS G3452 SGP Pipe

  • The manufacturing process of JIS G3452 SGP pipes begins with either electric resistance welding or butt welding. Once the pipes have been created, they are delivered as is. However, the cold-finished pipes go through an additional step of being annealed after manufacturing. This annealing helps to improve the strength and ductility of the pipes, making them less susceptible to fracture. 
  • Both ends of pipes of nominal diameter 300A or under must be threaded or plain-ended. This is to ensure that the pipes can be securely connected to other pipes or fixtures. Similarly, for pipes of nominal diameter 350A or over, only plain-ended connections are allowed. This is to prevent leaks and other potential problems that could occur with threaded connections. Finally, when specified by the buyer, pipes may be furnished with bevel ends. This allows for a more secure connection and also provides a nicer appearance.
  • For threaded pipes, taper threads specified in JIS B 0203 shall be applied on both ends. A socket as in JIS B 2301 or JIS B 2302 shall be screwed into one end of the threads. The other end with a socket not screwed shall be provided with a thread protecting ring or protected by other suitable means. When specified by the purchaser, the threaded pipe may dispense with a socket. The taper threads shall be inspected in accordance with JIS B 0253.
  • Before threading white pipes, the pipes and sockets shall be zinc-coated. In this case, black pipes and sockets that passed the inspection shall be thoroughly cleaned by sand blasting, pickling, etc., then zinc-coated by hot dip galvanized coating. Zinc used for zinc-coating shall be the distilled zinc ingot Class 1 specified in JIS H 2107 or zinc ingot at least equivalent thereto. Other general matters of zinc-coating shall be in accordance with JIS H 8641. This is to ensure that all pipes are protected against corrosion and wear.

JIS G3452 SGP Pipe Hydrostatic Test or Nondestructive Test

JIS G3452 chapter 10.6 shall be used to test the SGP black pipe, and the resultant hydrostatic or nondestructive characteristic shall conform to one of the following two. Whichever of them is preferred shall be determined by the purchaser’s specification or at the manufacturer’s discretion.

Hydrostatic property (Applicable till the end of 1990) When 25 kgf/P 25 bar (1) hydrostatic pressure is applied, the black pipe must endure it without leaking.
 Note (1) 1 bar = 105Pa

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