What is API 5CT Casing Pipe?

 API 5CT standard specifies the technical delivery conditions for steel pipe (Casing, tubing, plain-end casing liners and pup joints), coupling stock and accessories and establishes requirement for three product specification levels (PSL 1, PSL 2, PSL 3).

 Casing pipe is a type of pipe that typically runs underground and it mainly can be used to protect items inside the pipe or to provide an extra barrier between the matter in the pipe and the earth. In the API 5CT specification, the casing pipe is the seamless or welded steel pipe runs from the surface and intended to line the walls of a drilled well for oil or natural gas.

 For API 5CT casing pipe, here must be emphasized that no matter the casing pipe is made by a seamless or welding process, each of length of casing pipes either finished or unfinished shall be 100% drift-tested throughout its entire length to ensure the inside pipe can pass through the casing pipe smoothly and ensure drilled well can work normally.

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