What is the advantage of SAW pipe?

The use rate of spiral steel pipe is relatively high, and its application is very extensive. However, the quality should be paid attention to when selecting it. How should we choose it?

Commonly, we use atmospheric pressure and water pressure for testing. This method can detect the working conditions of spiral steel pipe in pressure working environment, and can also detect the sealing performance of spiral steel pipe. Generally, atmospheric pressure testing is adopted because of such safety. It is relatively high, and if the vapor pressure is used for detection, the spiral steel tube needs to be removed after the test, which is troublesome. The second method is also relatively simple, it is through the observation of the surface. With the naked eye found in the spiral pipe in the welding and the size of the problem, if necessary, can also use the standard sample to compare with the product to be purchased to find the problem.

Thick-walled spiral steel pipe refers to a spiral steel pipe whose wall thickness is slightly thicker than ordinary spiral steel pipe. Compared with the ordinary wall thickness spiral steel pipe has the advantages of high compressive strength, high impact strength, high safety performance and longer service life. With the development of industry, engineering has put forward higher requirements for the use of spiral pipelines. The reason why thick-walled spiral pipelines appear is because some of the pressures required to transport the medium are unacceptable to ordinary spiral steel pipes. Straight seam steel pipe or seamless steel pipe will greatly increase the cost of the project. If it is a dangerous medium, we increase the cost is inevitable, so when the choice of pipeline is based on the pressure required by the medium and medium to transport the project needs decided.

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