What Is Mild Steel,Different vs Stainless/Carbon Steel

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In the modern industrial field, steel has become an indispensable basic material. Among them, mild steel has gradually occupied an important position in the industry because of its unique characteristics and wide application market.

What is mild steel? What is mild steel used for? What is mild steel properties? This paper will conduct in-depth analysis.

What Is Mild Steel - Density, Properties

What Is Mild Steel Composition

Mild Steel is a kind of steel with low carbon content made by heat treatment production process. Generally speaking, the carbon content of ms steel is between 0.05% and 0.3%, and the chemical composition of ms steel is cobalt, chromium, copper, sulfur, phosphorus, aluminum, nickel, molybdenum and manganese.

The following is the content table of the chemical composition of Mild Steel.

Mild Steel Chemical Composition


98.81% to 99.26%


0.14% to 0.20%


0.60% to 0.90%


<= 0.04%


<= 0.05%

With the empowerment of these alloying elements, the carbon content is reduced. Mild Steel has excellent machinability, weldability and other properties. Mild steel vs stainless steel. Mild steel vs alloy steel, Mild Steel is very cost-effective, so it has a wide range of application prospects.

What Is Mild Steel Grades - Milde Steel Pipe

In order to ensure the high quality and high performance of the medium carbon steel manufactured. Individual countries and regional organizations cannot issue a series of standard requirements.

ASTM standard. ASTM A36 and ASTM A283 are the more common standard specification grades for Mild Steel. They are used in the production and application of steel plates for general structures.

BS standard. BS 4360 is one of the most popular building structures for steel requirements.

GB/T standard. GB/T 700 is a common mild steel technical requirement.

ISO standard. ISO 630 Technical requirements for structural steels.

What Is Mild Steel- Carbon Steel vs Mild Steel

What Is Mild Steel Advantages And Limitations

Every material has its advantages and limitations, and Mild Steel is no exception.

  • Mild Steel Advantages

Low cost, high cost performance
It has good plasticity and weldability, and can be connected by arc welding, gas shielded welding, resistance welding and other welding methods
Excellent thermal and electrical conductivity
Moderate strength, good toughness
Good processing performance, easy to form. It can be processed into parts and components of various shapes and sizes through forging, stamping and other processes
Wide range of applications

  • Mild Steel Limitations

Poor corrosion resistance, easy to rust or corrosion under harsh environmental conditions such as wet, acidic or alkaline
Insufficient high temperature resistance, easy to creep and fracture
Relatively low strength and hardness, easy to scratch or wear
Anti-corrosion measures such as coating, electroplating or surface treatment such as thermal spraying are required

what is mild steel

What Is Mild Steel Used For? Mild Carbon Steel

Mild Steels play a very important role in many fields.

  • Construction: Mild Carbon Steel is widely used in structural frames, bridge construction, and water supply systems such as pipes and fittings.
  • Manufacturing: Mild Carbon Steel has good toughness and bending properties, can resist stretching, and is often used in the manufacture of chassis engines and other cars.
  • Energy: Mild Carbon Steel is commonly used in the manufacture of power transmission towers, transformers and generators.
  • Transportation: Due to the good safety and reliability of Mild Carbon Steel, it is often used in the manufacture of Bridges, tunnels and other structures.

What Is Mild Steel Future Outlook

Although Mild Steel has been widely used in many fields, with the rapid development of modern science and technology, as well as the constant change of social needs, the future development of Mild Carbon Steel still faces some challenges and opportunities.

Technological innovation is needed. Implement sustainable development requirements and promote green industries and environmentally friendly materials and production processes. Constantly expand and adjust its application field. Globalization of Mild Steel’s market.

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